Christmas Lights

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LED Green Frost 50-Indoor/Outdoor String Lights

You're getting some visitors Are you thinking there's a good chance that every kid in the neighborhood is going to be stopping by your home for trick-or-treats? Well, we better set the spooky scene right!

After all, they're coming at you with the best costumes to be found, so we might as well go tit-for-tat and set up some haunted decorations. It'll be a Halloween fright!

Product Details This Green Frost Indoor/Outdoor String Light Set features 50 purple wide-angleLED bulbs. They're wired together on a 25 and a half foot long wire, with a 4" lead, 6" of spacing between lights, and a 4" tail.

With an end connection, you can connect up to 16 light sets together, and we've got them available in a variety of colors, too, so you can mix and match colors or create an extra long strand. Set the mood Animated decorations are inflatables are great, and we've got a ton of them to choose from.

But, you have to set the ambiance, too. That's why we recommend hanging some lights outside!

A hint of green light might be just the thing to set up a witch's lair or a spooky Frankenstein scene. So, just string up this Green Frost LED Light Set, and you'll be able to set the mood for all of yourvisitors!


Nightmare Before Christmas Light Set

Jack is Coming to Town We like Sandy Claws, but if it's just the same to everyone..

. can we get Jack Skellington to come to our house for Christmas instead?

Sure, he might not have the same kinds of gifts, but he's got a fantastic singing voice, and we kind of like the idea of infusing a little bit of Halloween into the holiday season. If you're feeling the same way, then maybe these Nightmare Before Christmas Lights are the perfect decoration for you!

Product Details This holiday light set comes officially licensed from the Disney classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas. The set comes with 10 lights, each shaped like Jack Skellington dress up as Santa Claus.

The lights are strung at 30-inch intervals with a total length of 12 feet, making them perfect for stringing along the walls, on the tree, or even outside the home. It's an easy holiday choice for anyone looking for something a little lest traditional this Christmas!


The Child Star Wars Light Set

This is a Star Wars The Child Light Set.

Twinkly 175 LED Wifi Holiday Light Set

Twinkle All Year Long Twinkle lights aren't just for the holidays anymore! When we discovered the joys of ambiant lighting, it made sense to use fairy lights and other cheerful, festive light sources January through December.

If you've got a Christmas tree that could use some pizzazz or an area of your home that needs brightening up, you're going to be wowed when you try a light strand that can be modified with just a tap of a smartphone! Product Details Light your holiday decorations, windows, furniture, and more with this Twinkly 175 LED Wifi Light Set!

The 54-foot strand is filled with LED bulbs that light up with multiple colors when you plug them into any standard U.S.

wall outlet. Use the free smartphone app to control them and adjust their flash settings for a display unlike any other!