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Apex Legend's Peacekeeper Weapon

Keep the Peace Here's a scenario: your squad revives you and you come flying into the Apex circle hot and unequipped with what you need. There's a lot of commotion you see and begin to hear as you descend, so you veer off a bit to the side.

There's a small shack that seems unopened and, most importantly, un-looted. You kick open the door and, lo and behold, there's a chest!

You crack it open and find a peacekeeper and one pack of the requisite ammo. It's not much.


but it'll have to do. By now your teammates are downed and the last of the enemies are scouring the area for you.

Calm, cool, and collected, you hop out of the shack window ready to make the area peaceful, one way or another. Design & Details This Apex Legends Peacekeeper Weapon will do nothing else if not help you keep the peace.

The molded plastic toy weapon measures 24 inches long, uses no moving parts, has been painted to look like wood -- and, best of all, is officially licensed. That should give you the peace of mind you deserve after all that peace-keeping.


Avengers Endgame Star-Lord Blaster

No Superpowers? No Problem!

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, everyone seems to have powers. Thor can shoot lightning everywhere.

The Hulk has incredible strength. Scarlet Witch can.


do tons of weird stuff. Even Captain America has a touch of the super-strength!

Unfortunately, we're not all blessed with a laundry list of super-powers to wield against the supervillains. Even Star-Lord is in the same boat after the events of Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

The goods news is that Star-Lord knows how to even the odds a bit! He carries some hi-tech space blasters to combat baddies, even if he can't fly around like a thunder god or move stuff with his mind!

Well, now you can even the odds with all of the super-powered costumes by adding this Star-Lord blaster accessory to your outfit. Product Details This officially licensed product is inspired by the Avengers movies.

It's molded into the shape of Star-Lord's primary blaster from the movie. Of course, this one is just a toy version, so you might not want to challenge Thanos to a fight, but it does look the part.

You'll be ready to stand next to the rest of the Avengers for the next big showdown!

Deluxe Han Solo Blaster

The thing is, how does anyone expect us to believe that Greedo would miss from point blank range? Maybe, MAYBE if he was farther away.

Maybe. But he was sitting right across from Han.

He could have spit into his eye from that distance. And adding the shot totally takes away from Han's anti-hero transformation.

It would appear that, yes, Han indeed shot first. But this gun isn't sold with any additional scenes from 1997.

It's the real deal. And you can shoot first all you want.

Plus, with the realistic sound effects that it makes every time you pull the orange trigger, you'll enjoy shooting first. Smug satisfaction, that's what we like to call it.


Devil May Cry | Ebony Latex Pistol

Rapid Fire Readiness So the rumors are that a handful of demons and other nasties are rampaging around the neighborhood. The good news is that they seem to be on their best behavior.

(The worst of their crimes are usually growling at doors in hopes of getting a fistful of candy or hanging around Halloween parties and convention centers posing for pictures to enhance their Instagram profile.) Still, we can't have those demonic entities just running amok.

That's why we need to be ready, even at long range, with something that will remind them that Dante is on the job! Product Details Whether you're heading out on a Halloween adventure or want to bring some authenticity to yourDevil May Cry cosplay, ensure that you're equipped for anything with this Ebony Latex Pistol prop.

The toy weapon is light in hand and measures just over a foot long. Designed with the video game series in mind, you'll have all you need to pull off those flawless demon-hunting maneuvers with Ebony at your side.

The Ebony to your Ivory If the left-handed, long-ranged approach ofDevil May Cry isn't enough for you, keep your look authentic by grabbing Ivory as well. This Ebony prop makes you pretty impressive but dual-wielding them both will ensure everyone knows that you're the one and only Dante!


Devil May Cry Ivory Latex Pistol Accessory

Wield the Right Stuff Combating demons isn't the easiest task to take. But, when you're a half-fiend like Dante, it comes with the supernatural style.

Between the epic coat, that dashing hairdo, and a few abilities to boot, our favoriteDevil May Cry character is always ready for his acrobatic antics. But.


there is one thing that he wouldn't dare head into the field without. That's right: his right-hand weapon, Ivory!

Product Details We're not suggesting you'll be hunting real demons, but you might want to bring some authenticity to your Devil May Cry costume. You can trust in this IvoryLatex Pistol prop to make your costume game complete!

This toy weapon is designed to look just like the classic weapon from your favorite demon-hunting action classic and is lightweight to boot! All you'll need to worry about is striking the right intimidating pose for your Convention and Halloween photos!

The Ivory to your Ebony Wielding the right weapon in one hand is key to bringing your Dante look to life. This Ivory prop is the perfect first step but you can complete the debonaire look by joining it with its sister.

That's right, take hold of Ebony in your left hand and you're ready for the fullDevil May Cry ensemble.


Gun and Grenade Matching Set

The Imaginary Baddies When you're fighting imaginary bad guys, you need the best in toy weaponry. After all, when you're facing off against pretend aliens and ninjas, you don't want to be caught just doing the "finger guns" move.

This isn't amateur hour here! This is real life.


er, well. It's pretend, but still!

You need to present an intimidating presence if you want to catch those illusionary baddies off guard..

. and the finger guns move?

Well, they'll just snicker at you. Yes, you need some toy weaponry if you're going to fight against the imaginary forces of evil!

You're going to need this Gun and Grenade Set to battle it out! Product Details This toy Gun and Grenade Set will help you make short work out of imagined bad guys.

It comes with a toy gun made out of molded plastic. The toy resembles a real gun, except for the bright orange barrel cap to send a clear signal to real folks that it's a toy.

The grenade is designed to look like a pineapple grenade and is also made out of molded plastic. Each toy weapon makes sound effects and both require batteries to operate (see features for more information).

Just pair it up with any of our military costumes for one tough look!
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