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Silver Skull Fence

Many have asked over the years why various beasts of the other realm are repelled by silver. The truth is a little complicated to get into as each monster has slightly different reasons for being harmed by the pure and radiant metal.

The theory for lycanthropes is that their form comes from the shimmering of moonlight and that silver so closely reflects the light of the moon that it serves as the only means to force them to return to their normal form or even meet their end. Vampires, of course, are repulsed by anything that represents purity or light, so they are harmed by it for similar reasons to that of their hated rivals.

Plus, priests have a really easy time blessing a metal that shines so keenly! Skeletons, zombies, and your other typical undead are simply lesser creatures so, (un)naturally, they dislike it all the same.

And, ghosts? Well, they are just so fascinated by the sparkle that they usually have to stop and check it out and they just dont have much else to do with their unlife, so theyre generally OK with calling it a night afterwards.

So, when it comes to warding your home from the various spooks that threaten to come find you during this All Hallows Eve, you cant go wrong with a Silver Skull Fence. Each panel is 3 feet tall and 1.

5 feet wide, made of molded plastic, and painted to look like weathered silver. Panels connect with pegs on each side for a potentially very long fence, indeed!

Now, it wont actually protect you from especially curious undead, but the mere appearance of silver is often enough to make them seriously second-guess approaching. So, be prepared to help your undead friends get inside or you will have a whole flock waiting outside all night.


Skull Fence

Enter if You Dare There are lots of ways to make guests feel welcome at your home, from cheery doormats to scented candles, soft rugs and cozy throw blankets. There are also lots of ways to make guests feel wary about entering, and a fence mounted with skulls is one of the best tactics.

Product Details Set a chilling tone with a Skull Halloween Fence Decoration! The black fence features spiderweb detail suppored by two spikes and four decorative posts.

Four grinning white skull graphics are attached to the front.