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Women's I Love Lucy Lucy Costume

Cue the Laugh Track Sure, it can be great to have thousands of TV channels streaming endless shows..

.but there's nothing quite like the classics.

Whether you fondly remember watching the original episodes ofI Love Lucy on the black and white after dinner or you fell in love with reruns on late night TV, there's simply no catchier, more wholesome comedy like this one! The zany antics, the hilarious misunderstandings, Lucy's big eyes andexpressive face, the physical comedyI Love Lucyholds up, even in today's modern world.

And just like the show, this Women's I Love Lucy Costume stands the test of time! You'll need to practice your mischief makingand comedic timing, but we have a feeling you'll love wearing this getup so much, that you'll get a lot of practice hours in.

Who knows? You may find yourself switching out all the furniture in your house to mid-centurymodern pieces, baking more casseroles, and setting your hair in curlers before bed.

It's that much fun to live in Lucy's world! Design & Details We teamed up withI Love Lucy to bring you this officially-licensed, straight-from-the-show look.


but in full color! Sure, Lucille Ball wears some fun getups throughout the show's seasons, but nothing says "classic Lucy" like a shirtdress and apron.

So, that's what we've brought you, because we want you to lookand feeliconic. This costume includes a collared, button-up, polka-dot dress with white detailing and a white half-apron.

The apronhas the show's heart logo that says "I Love Lucy," so you and everyone else will know it's official. Top it off with our I Love Lucy wig and a pair of retro heels or ballet flats, and cook up a great scheme to make some comedy magic happen!

Funny Gal Of course, Lucy is only as funny as her supporting cast, so dress your pals up as Ricky, Fred, and Ethel and you four will be the hit of the Halloween party! And maybe bring some chocolates from the factory to share with everyone.