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Dr. Seuss Reading Adult Pattern Necktie

Cat in a Tie Have you ever seen a cat wearing a hat? Most cats are pretty finicky and probably wouldn't even let you get a hat near their head.

The only cat we've seen that adores wearing a hat, is the one and only Cat in the Hat from Dr. Seuss's classic storybook!

He's perhaps our favorite book character of all time..

. and we wanted to bring him into everyday fashion.

That's why we love this Dr. Seuss Reading Pattern Necktie from Elope.

It's a simple way to bring cats, hats, and a healthy love of reading into any outfit. Product Details The magic of reading is now in a necktie!

This Cat in the Hat Necktie is officially licensed from the Dr. Seuss books and it's made out of a simple poplin fabric.

The necktie comes with a Cat in the Hat inspired print, complete with images of the cat, Things, and some pens and pencils. It's a standard necktie, so you will have to learn how to tie a tie.

(Don't worry, it's not nearly as hard as it looks.) You can pair this with any dress shirt to show appreciation for the greatest storybook of all time!