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Adult Brown Monk Robe Costume

Pie lesu domine clunk! Dona eis requiem clunk!

Are you ready to take your vows and join the monkhood? Living in a monastery is a noble pursuit, and we think it's something to be commended.

But have you stopped for a second to think about how you're going to look in brown? And are you fully fluent in knowledge of how to dodge the most vicious of vorpal bunnies?

We don't want to dissuade you from your holy calling, just make sure you have thought out your accessories and are ready to deal with Kings given name by sword distributing lake-dwelling ladies. If you are ready to take your vows and pace in careful measure with the rest of your brethren, we have the robes that will do your monastic life justice: the Adult Brown Monk robe!

Monks lead a simple yet very spiritual and meaningful life. As you can see here, this costume is as simple as simple comes and as a result, it's really comfortable.

Lightweight polyester poplin will keep you comfortable while you're attending to all your friarly duties, a basic hood flips up for when you need some solitude, and a simple rope belt ties around the waist to complete the look. Just use your own sandals to complete the ensemble, and you'll be ready to commit to the brotherly lifestyle!

Just be certain that you have your chant down, lest you might face the danger of the Beast: pie lesu domine clunk! Dona eis requiem clunk!


Adult UV Ghostly Nun Mask

Not-so-holy Smoke Every ghost has a different way of showing up. If you're a horror movie fan then you probably know a couple.

There's the demanding ghost that draws people to come to them. This is that scene when a strange scratching sounds from the basement in the middle of the night, leading an inquirer to enter a dark staircase.

Then there's the ghost that appears in reflective surfaces like mirrors and windows. The one that really gets to us?

The ghost that appears in a cloud of swirling smoke. In this nun'scase, we're sure she'd appear in a cloud of Cathedral style incense smoke.

Can you picture it? A sighting like the one we're imagining just might ruin the smell of Frankincensefor good.

Product Details This eerie mask will make you very aware of all your sins. The maskhas very pale skin and is detailed with aged lines around throughout.

The mouthand eyes are blackened for an eerie image at first glance. And under a black light, this mask is even more shocking!

It glows as if it's haunted. The maskis framed in a black habit so that everyone will immediately recognize your haunting religious roots.


Holy Staff Accessory

Adored by the masses You're a natural leader. You know how to get people to listen to you.

It's been this way since the beginning. You led games of tag in grade school.

You planned a spring break trip in high school. You led discussions and argumentsin your college classes.

Not all of these things worked out perfectly but that position of power always ended up landing in your lap. It's time to get blatant with your love of leadership!

The good news? Halloween is a great way to celebrate the secret natural leader waiting to come out inside you.

Details & Design We at take costume accessoriesseriously.

That's why we jumped into action when we noticed something rather serious was missing from those bishop and pope costumes out there. At fifty-six inches tall, this Made by Us holy staff will really drive home any papal authority you're taking on at your next costumed event.

The two piecessnap together so when you're ready to step out of your role of authority, your holy staff can be safelystored away. In the Lead There are plenty of waysto become a leader this Halloween.

Kings, queens, and pop stars are the usual favorite. But if you really want to flaunt your leadership skills go above the monarchs and media moguls to pursuean even higher calling?

It's called the Vati-can not the Vati-can't, after all!

Lace Angel Costume for Women

Oh, Bless Your Heart! Sometimes we think angels can kind of be sticks in the mud.


er, clouds. We assume they spend most of their time plucking on harps and combing their wing feathers.

The thing is, we earthly mortals are forgetting the major mission of those heavenly hosts. It's actually a lot of fun to scatter blessings over the earth's crust and follow people around, making sure they don't get hurt.

Nancy the angel told us the lowdown in a resent interview. She let us know how difficult it was to watch over a teenager.

In one day during summer break she stopped three traffic accidents, one incident with a venomous snake, and even a vicious run in with a poison ivy vine. She's been skydiving about a hundred times, rafted down countless white water rivers, and has even shot up into space to make sure her astronaut ward.

Who knew angels had such an adventurous responsibility. Product Details & Design This lush cream dress has a high neck, a gold-belted waist, and a long dress with a high-low cut.

The sheer sleeves have a loose cut at the elbow, giving you a romantic cut. The wings have a feathered pattern in a beautiful gold.

And of course, it's topped with a ruffled headband with a golden halo hanging out above it. Best of all, since this design is Made-By-Us you can be sure this costume is both unique and high quality.

Good thing, these angels have their hands full! Cloudy with a Chance of Harp strings Are you ready to get in touch with your blessed side?

Finish off this costume with a harp and gladiator sandals and you'll look right at home at the Pearly Gates. This is perfect for a sweet Halloween costume, plays, and Christmas pageants.

Your guardian angel is sure to appreciate this lovely choice!

Priest Shirt

Has your friend been acting a little odd? It might be a bad sign if hes saying strange things, has unexplained wounds, and has been levitating a lot lately.

You might need to perform an exorcism on his behalf. After all, he would do it for you.

Heres your chance to expel that demon who has possessed your buddyand look official while youre doing it. You want your friend back, dont you?

Hes probably looking at you as his only hope now. Or, is the entity just making faces at you?

Either way, make sure to slip into your Priest Shirt before performing the ritual. The spirit will take you more seriously that way.

Whatever you do, dont forget your holy water and crucifix, and make sure to have the whole ritual down before you start..

.preparation is everything.

Once your friend is free, dont be surprised if youre contacted for your exorcist services. You might just have a new career on your hands!


Red Devil Suit Costume for Kids

Yeah, there's no denying it. He has a devilish side.

He loves to wear red, he's usually sporting a wicked grin, and he's not shy about giving poking people with a stick when the mood strikes him. Our advice?

Let's just try our best to get it out of his system! The easiest way for him to become a true devil is to go in this child Red Suit Devil costume.

We're sure that once he knows what it's like to have to put on makeup everyday, wear horns, and carry around a pitchfork trident, maybe he'll be happy to embrace a lighter, happier identity after Halloween! This wicked costume is made and designed by us here at HalloweenCostumes.

com. With a traditional devil inspired design, the red suit styled costume has some important style upgrades.

The attached pointed tail swinging about is sure to make any child look like a hellish demon, and included headpiece will totally reinforce that idea. Extended point peak lapels on the suit jacket look downright devilish, and he can complete the look with his own black dress shirt and dress shoes.

When he arms himself with a wicked weapon and some face paint (sold separately), you know he'll be ready to bring fire and brimstone! And with this suit ensemble, he won't just be bringing the heat, he'll be looking pretty dapper in 2 piece style, too.

Dashing, dapper, downright fiery..

. now that's will be a theme that will have him saving his tricks up for Halloween night!