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Bionic Leggings for Women

Don't even get us, the foremost scholars on Moore's Law, started on robots. We've seen way too many science fiction movies and read way too many comics on the topic to be fooled.

Those cute robots you see in internet videos? They'll be our overlords some time in the future, to be sure.

It could be 10 years from now, or it could be 100 years from now, but the exponential growth in computing power is well documented. We therefore have no problem saying a controversial thing or two, so mark our words.

Robots will rise up against their human creators to build a world controlled completely by computerized A.I.

What can we do about that? Not a lot, but we it's about time that everyone prepared the best they can for the inevitable rise of the machines.

How, you might ask? Good question.

We've thought a heck of a lot about this, if you couldn't tell. Without further ado, here are our One Size Bionic Leggins.

This handy item fully disguises your bottom half to resemble that of a rudimentary robot, which is exactly the kind of robot you want to disguise yourself as once the robot apocalypse happens. (The more advanced robots have a harder time identifying older models of androids, but don't hone in on them like they do humans.

) With details that make the leggings look like they came straight from an android laboratory, they should have no problem fooling all but the most sophisticated of A.I.

machines. Of course, until the robot apocalypse actually happens, it makes for a pretty good costume to wear to parties and other recreational events, so you'll be able to get value out of it right away.

Best of all in that scenario, the stretchy waistband lets you devour candy corn without a worry in the world. A win-win-win!


Graftobian Deluxe Silver Face and Body Makeup

Time to Shine! Some days, you just want to shine.

You have a radiance inside that just needs to fill the room! On those days, even your aura sparkles like glitter.

Wouldnt it great if there was some kind of way to give your whole body that metallic sparkle that you feel inside? Well, it turns out that its actually quite easy to make your skin sparkle like a piece of jewelry!

You just need the right kind of makeup to get that kind of look. The good news is that weve scoured the world for all the best colors of makeup!

Product Details This deluxe silver makeup does a great of making you sparkle! The makeup is theatrical grade makeup that can be used on your face and your body.

Its fragrance-free and washes off with plain old soap and warm water. No need for special remover to wash it off when its done!

The silver color is truly a sight to behold, making it the perfect addition to many different looks. Tin Men and Robots You can use this makeup when dressing up like a tin man, a robot, or just for special days where you want to sparkle with silvery magnificence.


Kid's Space Robot Costume Hat Accessory

It is the year 2017 -- the distant future. Robot men have taken over the world.

It was easy for them after they discovered the humans only weakness: being shot by giant lasers. Once humankind was taken care of, they could finally go about establishing a robot utopia.

Free microchips at every participating robot grocery store. Hot and cold running oil in every robot apartment building.

And all of the trees are replaced with robo-recharging stations. Truly a paradise.

What a time to not be alive. If you are a human but deep in your chest beats the cold, unfeeling heart of a robot, then you too may join the robots in their awesome new mechanical world.

You will blend in perfectly with our Robot Hat, a shiny helmet with sweet antennae for receiving important robot signals. And remember: no one can hurt your feeling ever again if you dont have feelings.


Mr. Robot F Society Mask for Adults

We can't really utter the actual F Society message because we try to keep things family-friendly around here, but if you've seen the AMAZING show Mr. Robot you already know what this is.

It comes from a weird and obscure horror movie that Elliot and his sister Darlene watched in their childhood. When they decided to become hackers, there was only one good choice for their mascot, and that's how F Society's official mascot was born.

This mask is officially licensed and high-quality, so you too can become Mr. Robot in seconds.

After that, all you need is to add a hoodie, or maybe a tuxedo, and an old VHS camera so you too can make some mysterious messages for the public. Just try and keep it nice and friendly, okay?

We like to keep everything nice and friendly around here, even when talking about our maniacal masks!

Retro Robot Costume Helmet Accessory

Prepare for the Robots Robots are going to take over the world. It might not be today.

It might not be tomorrow. But mark our words, we may find ourselves in the midst of a robot apocalypse that we cannot escape.

Will they be friend or foe of humanity? We can't really be certain at this point.

Don't worry though, because we have a plan that we think will help everyone get a jump on those robots and it all starts with a simple disguise. Just make yourself look like a robot before it all goes down, and you can live peacefully among the robot overlords.


or maybe you just want to dress up like a robot for Halloween. Either way, we've got you covered!

Product Details This Retro Robot Bronze Helmet is the perfect headpiece for fooling any robot. The helmet has a foam construction with a metallic knit fabric on the exterior.

The helmet also features a fastener on the chin strap to make for easy fitting. Finally, the helmet comes with built-in goggles to conceal your very human eyes!

Just toss it on and you'll be ready to roam the streets perfectly disguised as a classic robot!

Robot Costume Dress for Infants

The Hottest Gadget of the Year Gather round, ladies and gentlemen, gather round! We're introducing the biggest advancement in smart technology since the iPhone broke onto the scene.

Yes, the SNUGGLEBUG*360 is just that powerful, and yet it's far, far cuter than any other smart device on the market. It's programmed with an incredible array of adorable sounds that will give you heart eyes just like an emoji's, and an adorable range of movement from walking, to dancing, to scooting, to trying to wiggle up onto the couch next to you (Warning: Not programmed not to fall off of said couch).

It gives big hugs! It says "I love you!

" It also throws its peas on the floor, but hey, that just gives its technology personality. Product Details Hands-down the most loveable AI device you've ever seen, this Infant Robot Dress Costume will have your little one beep boop beeping her way into everyone's hearts.

The shiny silver dress has a mock turtleneck collar, a mesh checst panel, long sleeves, and a knee-length hem with a piece of piping sewn into it to give it a futuristic hoop shape. Button graphics dot the skirt just above the hem, and other graphics on the chest include power bars and more buttons.

The matching silver headpiece has two antennae connected by an electric-looking current! Here to Help Besides being an absolute joy to have around the house, this robot companion is also programmed to offer assistance with home tasks.

For jobs from licking the frosting bowl to pulling all of the toilet paper off of its roll, this robot's your girl!