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Big Lebowski The Dude Sunglasses for Adults

Part of the allure of The Dude is his laid back nature and his casual style that ignores that whole brevity thing. Hes one chill guy and nothing exemplifies his chillness more than the pair of sunglasses hes usually wearing.

Now, you can have a pair of costume shades that will help you achieve Jeffrey Lebowskis relaxed style. The Big Lebowski The Dude Sunglasses are a great costume accessory designed to look like the ones worn by the character from the Coen brothers cult classic.

It even comes with a carry bag with The Big Lebowski logo on the side. The Big Lebowski is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios.

Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing. All Rights Reserved.

A Note to Parents: The Big Lebowski is rated R. Consult www. for further information.


Cheshire Cat Sunglasses

Wonder Shades When we're obsessed with something, we're like really obsessed with it. Just recently, our cat lady infatuation has become entangled with our Alice in Wonderland infatuation, causing us to spend endless hours assembling the perfect Cheshire Cat cosplay costume.

We've almostfigured out exactly how tobecome this mystifying fictional creature. We're currently decked out in pink and purple stripes, we're swishing our curled tail back and forth, and we'veeven mastered the iconic grin, but one last trait still evades us.

How does Cheshire Cat get those creepy eyes?Every time we stare into the mirror, attempting to recreate the character's eerie eyeballs, we end up freaking ourselves out.

Luckily, these sunglasses fell into our lap fixing all our problems. The face of the Cheshire Cat covers our own, advancing us one step closer to our goal.

Product Details These Cheshire Cat sunglasses feature mirrored amber lenses in plastic frames, decorated to look like the kooky Wonderland character. They're officially licensed and provide 100% UV protection.

Wear them for cosplay purposes or wear them with a costume. A Dream Come True Thanks to these awesome characterglasses, becoming the Cheshire Cat is now a reality for us.

Becoming "Insta-famous" is also happening too, and we aren't complaining.


Fiesta Sunglasses

Product Details You'll have an instant fiesta on your hands, or should we say on your face when you don these fiesta sunglasses with attached mustache. Whether you're heading out to an epic party or you're just looking to go incognito, you can't go wrong with these plastic shades with the appearance of a bright yellow sombrero on top.

The shades will keep the sun out of your eyes, and when you slip the mustache under your nose (the chains hold it in place) you'll be instantly unrecognizable and ready for an ice cold margarita.

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Sunglasses

Seeing the world through the eyes of Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas might be a little scary. Would you see a land covered in glowing jack o lanterns?

Would you see a glowing Oogie Boogie carrying a burlap sack with a kidnapped Sandy Claws inside? Or would the Pumpkin King himself be standing before you, serenading you with a beautifully sad ballad?

We can't attest to any of this because when we put the Sally sunglasses on, our surroundings didn't change. We opened our eyes and we saw our bright office and not the dark and scary Halloween Town.

We're not complaining tho because when we looked in the mirror, we saw Sally looking back at us! If you want to complete your transformation into Dr.

Finklestein's prized creation then add these Sally shades to your ensemble. There's nothing like looking at your reflection and seeing Sally's big eyes staring back at you!


Peppa Pig Kid's Sunglasses

Peppa Pig time! At least it will be when you get your kiddo all done up in a Peppa Pig costume.

And the best way to complete a Peppa costume? With these Peppa Pig sunglasses!

Because, "If you are jumping up and down in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots." And if you're out in the sun, you must wear your shades!

She's definitely going to love these cool Peppa shades. Whether it's dress up day with some cool gear from her favorite show, or if she just wants some super fun sunglasses for any day trip, these stylish shades will give her the look of her favorite character, right on her head!

This officially licensed sunglasses feature an attached forehead piece that depict the styling of the famous cartoon character. Pink, with eyes, ears, and a snout, any kiddo will be ready to proclaim "I'm Peppa Pig" with this pair of shades on.

With 100% UV rated and shatter-resistant lenses, these sunglasses will be the perfect accessory for all of your child's adventures. Even if they're muddy puddle adventures!


Santa Glasses

The Cool List Santa has a third list. It's a little known list called, the "Cool List" and Mr.

Claus takes it very seriously. He checks your music collection, takes a peek at the decorations in your room, and he looks through your streaming history.

It sounds kind of creepy, but don't worry. He's just trying to see if you have good taste.

If you do, he puts your name on the Cool List. Making the Cool List doesn't affect what sort of presents you get, but it's the list that Santa keeps around, just in case he has an open Friday night and he wants to hang out.

It's time to show Santa, that you belong on that list. Product Details This set of Santa Sunglasses are from the people at Sun Staches.

They're dedicated to creating some cool shades for any occasion. They're made out of molded plastic and are shaped to look like jolly old St.

Nick's face. It even has a pair of cool, hipster glasses, and a red Christmas hat on top.

The finishing touch to these is the beard. A plastic beard is attached to the bottom of the glasses to make you look even more like Santa!

Holiday 'Stache When Santa sees these in your home, you'll make the Cool List in no time. Of course, they also make for a great ice breaker during any holiday party, so it's a win-win situation for you!