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Bob Ross Tank Dress for Women

A Happy Little Costume This probably isn't the first time you've been compared to a 'masterpiece.' You're a work of art girl and people wish they could frame you and hang you on their wall.

(Wow, we didn't mean for that to sound as creepy as it does but we specialize in creepy so it comes naturally). Now, there's a costume to compliment your impossible-to-overlook-artsy-aura and it's this happy little costume right here.

Inspired by the almighty oil painter with a divine afro, Bob Ross, this ensemble exposes the world to your sheer greatness by transforming you into a literal work of art. Move over Mona Lisa, you're no longer in the spotlight.

Product Details He gained mainstream fame by creating beautiful nature paintings on his TV program, The Joy of Painting, and now you'll gain costume party fame by wearing his officially licensed costume. Featuring happy little rocks, happy little bushes, a happy little body of water, and you guessed it, happy little trees, this tank top style dress is perfect for artists, art enthusiasts, and self-confessed Bob Ross lovers everywhere (we know you're out there.

) The dress is soft and comfortable and the hemline hits right around the knees. The pallet headpiece, which features an array of primary and tertiarycolors (we're art know-it-alls, can't you tell?

) puts the final touches on your work of art costume. It's adhered to a sturdy headband so it won't fall off and create a happy little accident.

Let's Get Crazy Alight, all the necessities to make you a costume legend (not to mention a walking masterpiece) are at your fingertips so start creating, sister. Form an awesome couple's costume by picking up the Bob Ross costume kit for your bae or get the Bob Ross leggings for extra coverage on yourlegs.

Remember your body is your canvas. (Whoops, another slightly creepy statement.