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Accessory Skeleton Face Jewels

The Dark Dazzler The night was brisk and clear. The kind of night that'll send a shiver of energy through your body when you step out of the door.

In short, it's the perfect night for a Halloween party. Who knows what types of characters will show up?

There are tough typical superheroes. There are old school ghosts and werewolves as well as this year's popular internet phenomenons.

But it's an unspoken rule that everyone is waiting for the mysterious Madame Death. She's got a dangerous expression, dazzling jewels decorating the eyes and the mouth, accenting the shadows of her sugar skull makeup.

Product Details These jewels have an iridescent tone with colors such as purple, green, and yellow. The black jewels accent certain points.

Worried about remembering the pattern of your jewels? No worries, each section is all in one to make applying these jewels an absolute breeze!

Gloomless Glimmer Yes, this facial jewels might be in the shape of a skull but we have to say, we really don't think they're a downer. The perfect touch for a Day of the Dead celebration or even music festivals, we're sure these jewels will help you take on the mysterious glimmer of the ghostly!


Adhesive Skeleton Face & Chest Jewel Kit

Halloween night always sends a shiver of energy through our bodies. It could be the chill, or it could be the pervasive spookiness, but we like to think it's just the positive vibes being spread throughout communities as folks dress up, share candy, and scare in good fun.

Who knows what type of characters will be galavanting around. There are those tough, typical superheroes in their colorful spandex.

There are old school white-sheet ghosts and furry werewolves as well as this year's popular internet phenomenons. Who remembers Ken Bone?

We will never forget him. This year, in an effort to bring a spooky new archetype to the Halloween costumes fold, you should assume the role of Madame Muerte, the bedazzled, undead harbinger of things that go bump in the night.

She's got a dangerous expression, a dazzling complexion, and we could swear we saw her crack a wry smile. The jewels in our Skeleton Face & Chest Jewel Adhesive Kit will turn you into this mysterious woman or comprise the base of another spooky costume you have in mind.

The irridescent tone with colors such as purple, green, and yellow will dazzle passersby. These shining accessories will make the perfect touch for a Day of the Dead celebration, music festivals, or the next costume party, givcing you the mysterious glimmer of the ghostly.


Black Glitter Day of the Dead Temporary Tattoo

Star of the Show As you plan your Halloween party you begin to imagine all the characters that will attend. Will there be a gaggle of celebratory movie monsters or a clique of superheroes and royalty crowding the punch bowl?

When the music plays will wild animals dance with cartoon characters? Or will a couple bananas bring down the house with a side-splitting comedy act?

The imagined gathering makes you smile but leaves you wondering how youll stand out among your guests. And then your Halloween dream crowd parts on the dancefloor revealing a spectacularly dressed and glittering figure in full Catrina makeup.

Product Details Be the star of your next costume party by dressing in elaborate Day of the Dead style! Once you have your elegant wardrobe picked, all you need to do is put on your Sugar Skull makeup.

Keep it simple and beautiful with this Black Glitter Day of the Dead Tattoo. Layer the self-adhesive stickers over your white base foundation to give your skeletal look a bit of pizzazz.

With 14 stickers and faux jewels to work with, youll have a variety of ways to make your Sugar Skull look unique! Lively Sugar Skull Whether youre celebrating Day of the Dead or Halloween, Sugar Skull makeup is a look that is sure to be a hit.

And with this Day of the Dead Tattoo, youll only need your foundation makeup and a gorgeous ensemble to bring your Calavera Catrina to life!

Black Masquerade Adhesive Face Jewels

Inconvenient Beauty When your friend invited you to their first ever masquerade party, you didnt hesitate to accept and immediately started planning your costume. Obviously, youd need an extravagant ensemble.

Clothing aside, you knew the most important detail is your mask. Jewels, lace, ribbon, and feather decorations give you all the flair appropriate for a masquerade.

But, your options for wearing the masktie it around your head or hold it on a stickdont get you excited. And while you dont want to sacrifice your look just for convenience, you want to be able to dance, snack, and sip the night away without needing to retie your mask or only having one free hand.

Product Details Luckily, you found us! These Black Masquerade Adhesive Face Jewels are the perfect compromise for your party style!

This costume accessory has all the glitz and glam of your dream mask without the hassle of ties or handles. Simply adhere the imitation gems to your face and youre set for your glamorous evening!

Be Jeweled Mystery, beauty, and convenience combine to make this masquerade mask the must-have accessory for your Halloween costume. Whether youre attending a full Renaissance-themed gala or creating your own masked character, these face jewels have you covered!


Burned Man Torched Tattoo

Too Hot to Handle It was so boring growing up with a perfect complexion, no acne, and a nice, even skin tone. You always looked at other people with their unique and wonderful assortment of imperfections and wished that you could be more like them.

Why did you have to be so darn good looking all the time? When would you finally develop some moles, warts, or freckles?

Well, since it has not yet happened, why not take matters into your own hands? You can either go the route of getting some real damage done in some kind of horrific accident, or you could try the more authentic look of a nice removable tattoo!

In our opinion, the choice is easy. Going for the temporary solution is just so much more satisfying than the permanent disfigurement would be.

For sure. Being Home the Bacon If you want to look like a freshly cooked side of bacon, then this Torched Tattoo is the perfect thing for you!

It includes a lot of small tattoos that you can artfully arrange into any number of realistic looking burns. You can ditch that perfect complexion that has haunted you all your life with this one, simple pouch of tattoos!


Cast a Spell Black Press On Nails Kit

Don't Forget the Grimoire Witches have to learn a lot of spells to become truly capable practitioners of magic. It's a lot to remember!

We wouldn't blame them if they decided to try a few shortcuts to avoid having to drag their heavy book of magic everywhere they go. Some kind of cheat sheet would be just right!

Product Details Keep your spells where you can see them with this Press On Nails Cast a Spell Kit! The set includes 24 black acrylic resin nails that can be applied simply by putting a few drops of glue on your own nail and pressing the fake one into place.

Each one is decorated with white nonsense symbols that look just like ancient, mystical runes that only you can read. The Spell Worked!

Did you cast a charm to ensure that you would have an amazing costume this year? If so, it paid off!

You definitely put together the best witch or sorceress outfit that you've ever worn.