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11.5 Inch Dog With Witch Hat Figure

Woof Witchcraft Is this a puppy with a knack for magic, or a witch who turned herself into an adorable creature? Doesn't matter, because it makes the cutest Halloween decoration ever!

This Dog with Witch Hat 11.5" Figure features a sweet, white-furred puppy with floppy ears and a soulful expression.

It wears orange-and-black-striped legwarmers, a black cloak tied with an orange ribbon, and a black witch's hat. Two chains attached to the pup's shoulders allow you to hang it from a standard arrow mount.

Most witches are scary, but you'll want to give this one a scratch behind the ears!


18 Stay Out Foam Sign Halloween Decoration

Context Context is important. Sure, it seems pretty obvious, but let's go through a simple example to illustrate this idea.

When you place this Stay Out Foam Sign Decoration on your door during the Halloween season, it's sort of like reverse psychology to those who read it. It actually invites your potential party guests inside, letting them know that they're in for a real spooky party.

If you place it on your door during any other time of the year..

. well, it means literally what's printed on the front.

That's precisely why this simple sign is so great! It has dual purposes.

Product Details This Stay Out Foam Sign Decoration is a pretty simple decoration. It's designed to look like a simple slab of stone, with the words "Stay Out" etched into the front.

It has a strong graveyard sort of vibe to it. You can hang it on your door, or anywhere that could use some spooky style.

Of course, the best part about this decoration is that it has dual uses. You can use as part of your Halloween decor during Halloween, or place it on your door to let people know to stay away during the rest of the year!


5 FT Ghost Girls Wall Decoration

They're Watching You Your house has a really interesting history! It's built on the site of a former girls' orphanage.

Legend has it that a horrible crime was committed there, shortly before the whole thing burned to the ground. But that's just a story.

We're sure that there aren't any vengeful souls lurking around the property..

. Product Details This 5 Foot Ghost Girls Wall Decoration is so realistic that you might feel tempted to call an exorcist!

The decoration includes images of two girls with blood on their hands and clothes, and hauntingly spooky expressions.


5FT Witch's Black Cauldron Wall Decoration

The Spell Is Nearly Brewed Welcome, welcome - come and sit down. Tell the witch what it is that you seek.

Perhaps you long for a love charm, or something a little bit deadlier? You've come to the right place.

It'll only cost a trifle. You can afford to give up one of your arms in payment, right?

Product Details Set a spooky scene with this Witch's Kitchen 5-Foot Wall Decoration! A border of printed brickwork partially surrounds a scene of a huge cauldron brimming with glowing green ooze, sitting in a fireplace surrounded by candles and creepy jars.


71-Inch Printing Door Hospital Prop

Terminally Scary Hospitals can be frightening: Lots of knives and syringes everywhere. But they really are safe places to be, unless they're haunted by the spirits of vengeful former patients!

Product Details Has everyone ever died of fright? Probably not, but this 71" Printing Door Hospital Decoration will make you wonder!

The exclusive door decoration fits most standard-sized doors and features an image of a rusty-looking door. The words "Don't Open" are written in what looks like blood, under a barred window behind which hovers a ghostly little girl with a sinister glare.


Beetlejuice Sign

Don't say his name three times! Or, else!

"Or, else what?" you may ask.

Well, he will show up in your home and start trashing the place! Trust us, we do it to summon him to all our parties.

The man knows how to cut a rug. But, he also has a funny smell, and will eat all your food.

Not to mention his shoes are always dirty, but don't ask him to take them off because he feet stink! Other than all that stuff he is a great party guest.

The Beetlejuice Sign is great for Halloween decor, or letting your friends know that Beetlejuice owns the place. The sign measures 18 inches, by 10 inches, by 1 inch.

It is a detailed sign that will look great in any home. The Molded foam is painted to look like old weathered stone.